Saturday, September 19, 2015

FASHION TREND : Jumpsuits & Rompers

Chiffon Deep V-Neck Flower Print Jumpsuit : DRESSLINK ( here )
Dark yellow cami top : NEW LOOK ( here )
Rusty Brown Folding Clutch 
Brown Sandals : NEW LOOK 
Mid Finger Rings : MISS SIXTY 

Rompers and jumpsuits have recently hit a new level of popularity.Still I must admit that this kind of trend was never on my taste: a romper can be very tricky to pull off for a small girl like me.
But I always wished that one day a romper could fit me because I found this item so comfortable and chic - it's really every lazy stylish girl’s dream! :))) All the rompers that I have tried, up to now, were whether too long, or too large... until recently... when I found my perfect match  <3
I'm talking about a pretty 60’s inspired jumpsuit with a slight dose of 70’s, that you can find on the site of DRESSLINK at a defying price
Super short, flirty, retro flower print, long sleeves, plunging neckline, this kind of item looks amazing with wedges and super high 70’s style heels. To enhance the retro-hippie vibe I used a thin twisted belt and my favorite folding clutch, in the same tones of rusty brown (the star color of fall)
What I love about this trend is that although at first sight it might seem very niche like, it’s pretty versatile. Like a flirty dress basically, which it actually looks like. It’s all about the cuts, styles, designs, colors, patterns, fabrics, length (varieties of short, way above the knee). All these will make some rompers great for music festivals, others for the beach, others for going out in the evening, others for casual weekends. It all depends on the romper AND the shoes.
Overall, the trend is really versatile — and that’s why you should totally try it out <3

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