Saturday, June 20, 2015

Alice in Wonderland...

Text T-shirt <Me sarcastic ? Never > : BERSHKA ( similar here)
Wrap over midi black skirt : ASOS ( here )
<Alice in wonderland> Book Bag ( here )
Black stilettos 
Golden Watch : BY MARC JACOBS

"Alice In Wonderland, A place of nonsense and fantasy: sometimes dark and scary, other times a delightful journey"

In our adult lives we do not have much time to listen to the old tales, nor to pay attention to what is said to us between the lines. But every now and then, we have the chance to find that place or piece of cloth which takes us instantly into another world. 

I'm a person who has always loved fairy tales : I love them because they are great life lessons coagulated in an accessible language. But of all the fairytales, "Alice in Wonderland" seemed to me, the most full of small doses of wisdom. 

Just like Alice, today, after a long trip, I acknowledge with pleasure that I am the consequence of all the people I've met in life and perhaps even more of those whom I  did not kept in it, that I'm the fantasy of all the books I have read and  all the movies I have seen, that I am the moment of all the places I have visited, the moral of all the rules  I've broken and the sum of all things that I enjoyed...


The Pink Heart Girl said...

I love this fantastic shirt :-*

Insomnia said...

I am in love with the bag! *-*

Natassia said...

Love the combination of a longer skirt and heels! :)

And that shirt.. that is so awesome.. I want one! :)

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