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Powder Pink Jumper (H&M)
H&M High Waist Trousers ( similar here )
Christian Louboutin So Kate Pointed-Toe Stiletto Pumps ( here )
Book Clutch : The Age of Innocence
Black Metal Lace Necklace ( similar here )
Marc by Marc Jacobs Golden Watch ( here )
Golden Punk Bracelets
Powder Pink Coat ( H&M )

"But there was about her the mysterious authority of beauty, a sureness in the carriage of the head, the movement of the eyes, which, without being in the least theatrical, struck him as highly trainhed and full of a conscious power." Chapter 8, pg. 55-56

What a thrill when I saw that Kate Spade had created a clutch book that portrayed The Age of Innocence...
I first heard of the The Age of Innocence when someone told me it would fit me. It was enough to make my curious. To my shame, at that time, Edith Wharton was not known to me, although it should have been, because it is the first woman to win the Pulitzer Prize.

First of all, in my opinion, The Age of Innocence is a misleading title. 
When I first heard the title I thought that maybe it would have a connection with an innocent girl that would discover life step by step; I thought maybe the events occur during the adolescence of someone. When I finished the book, I realised that not even May cannot be considered innocent. I very much enjoyed this book, which I call it "The Gossip Girl of the 1800's"

The Age of Innocence centers on an upper-class couple's impending marriage, and the introduction of the bride's cousin, plagued by scandal, whose presence threatens their happiness. The novel questions the assumptions and morals of 1870's New York society.

I always thought that the 1880s New York is a city with its own personality; it seems that it lives independently of people and together with Paris it's a location that make you wonder. Just like the Sex and the City, in the Age of Innocence, New York is a character about which Edith Wharton writes a lot and analyzes it from all angles. If I had to choose one word to describe New York portrayed in this book, it would be snobbery. If I had to choose more, I would add: rules, prejudices, limits, acceptance and rejection simultaneously.
I very much enjoyed this book, which I call "The Gossip Girl of the 1800's"

It's in this kind of New York City that Archer Newland knows the young Countess Ellen Olenska, the cousin of his fiancee, May Welland. This Ellen Olenska, coming from Europe, it is a disturbing presence both because of her exotic beauty and it's European behavior, but mostly because of her past which seems to be known by the whole society. Predictably, between the two, Newland and Ellen, a love story will born, that will not be consumed, but it will be recognized by both. Briefly, this is the plot of the story. As for the rest, I leave you to discover yourself ;)


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Amazing look :)

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Super cool outfit. I like the pink shades you have mixed. You purse is so damn chic and you are a beautiful woman!:)

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Love that stylish outfit with those cute heels! :)

That coat rocks! :)

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