Monday, March 3, 2014

Miss CAPE-able !

H&M Sweater
Brown Belt
Half Gloves
BERSHKA Brown Bow Heels

When the weather gets cold, fashion is all about the outerwear. So, if you can only buy one piece this season, make sure it’s a cape. While many people may not realize this, outerwear is just as important as a person’s top, shoes or pants. This statement is especially true in the fall and winter, when jackets become a necessity.
Personally, I love the excitement of finding a new jacket that is unique, stylish and warm.
If it were up to me, I’d say it’s mandatory for every girl to own a cape — I myself own more than 5. A simple cape can be used numerous ways, and often it can be the simple, focal feature of an ensemble.

It might not actually give you superpowers but it can transform your entire outfit. This one piece can instantly glam up your jeans and boots this season!
So get out there and find your perfect cape for the cold season; your wardrobe will thank you later.

Camel is a color to keep in mind! Camel works well with virtually all colors and looks great on many skin tones as well.

Between the light brown heels and black pants, I kept the color scheme neutral.
I’ve pulled in a beige sweater: the trick to wearing capes is pairing the appropriate colors between the cape and the shirt worn underneath because of the shorter sleeves. A long-sleeve option underneath will add warmth to the overcoat.

As for the accessories… a pair of black or brown leather gloves makes a fantastic investment and will become a great asset to any modern wardrobe ;)

Then there’s my bag… I’m a big fun of owls and I think this is a retro accessory that gives can give an effortless magnetic charm to any outfit.

My advice : No matter which type of cape you may choose to wear, make sure you do it with confidence! It’s time you know what your style is cape-able of.

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Hadrien Leite said...

Super cool pics
Awesome outfit!! Nice work